I'm always staring at your smile

dear friends,

my left eye is twitching. I've had a ridiculous amount of coffee & I desperately need a massage by the brilliant but duosyllabic* susan of chinatown. in other words, a FINE beg yr pardon last night.

quick notes:

air waves started things off with a mesmerizing set of slow burners fired up by lead singer nicole's haunting voice. I'd describe it but I realize all the notes I jotted down make her sound like perfume: dark, woodsy & evocative. I'm sorry guys, I’m that bad. they're great however so go check them out STAT.

caught schwervon! some time ago when they played with diane cluck & I went up to them after their set, shook hands, mumbled & ran away as fast as humanly possible which is my standard rock show behavior if I like a band. fortunately, they did not remember that magical moment & I'm so, so glad they came out & rocked the faces with their prickly pop stylings. if you missed them last night, be sure to catch them on saturday, august 5th when they play at the bowery poetry club.

el jezel, el jezel, el jezel. they are my homies. I love them too much to be coherent about them in any type of way. they thrilled me with an old favorite, I know it & their fantastic cover of fascination street by the cure. judging from the audience response, I'd say el jezel deservedly won themselves some new fans last night.

via audio were last & slayed the crowd with their opener, presents, which I first babbled about in this post. live, the band were a revelation, so confident & full of charm, easily trading harmonies & instruments. jessica via audio has won my heart forever by being the first person in BYP history to pay homage to our junior high prom décor stylings by rocking a stunning tiered white dress. now if only we'd had spiked punch! visit them on my space & friend 'em up.

matt earfarm & I dj-battled all night between bands. there is a list of what we played which is in matt's possession & if he can make out my spider having a heart attack scrawl, those selections will be made public at some point. regular earfarm readers know that matt has fantastic taste & going toe to toe with him on the audio front was a real treat. I hope we get to do it again sometime soon!

to all those that were at BYP #5 last night dancing & listening, thanks for coming out! I had a ball. jot down BYP #6 on august 15th on your calendars. that night our bands are the fabulous cassettes won't listen, ezmachine, my teenage stride & animandible. dj duties are being handled by jeff k from merry swankster & matilda von crumbcake from sugartown it's gonna be banging. yes, I said banging. a new friend used a variation of that in conversation & now I can' stop saying it. curses!

2. speaking of banging, & this falls under "future banging", o'death has been enthralling me for some time now with their particular brand of moonshine deliciousness. & strangely, I use "strangely" since I am most emphatically NOT a tastemaker, subinev (aka contributor bryan), yeti don't dance, heart on a stick, indie-licious, & the music slut feel the same way. go read up about 'em. let me know what you think.

because I am sometimes lucky, o'death will be gracing my sorta birthday BYP show on september 26th at the delancey. joining them will be draculazombieusa (at o'death's request!) & mistakes (their new tunes are swoontastic).

I am currently looking for an equally banging out of town band to fill that fourth slot. expect a serious hootenanny.

love, d

* all she would ever say to me was "ay-ya" to express her dismay at my crippledom. alas, I loved her but I cannot afford her.

bands to see live: airwaves, schwervon!, el jezel, via audio, mistakes & o’death

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