Horses in her eyes

Dear friends,

1. I am fan of the Shoegaze. I like guitars that go bzzzzz and sound like they're landing on top of your head while somnambulant voices echo in the background in an endless loop that rises and falls in volume. I wouldn't say Brooklyn's Skycam quite falls into that category. But I would call it a gentle, way more american update on ye olde standard. Their vocals are clearer and there are touches of country-fry, such as the slide guitar winding its way through the lilting Lucky or the Fairport Convention-goes-indie opening of Wake Up. But there's no denying the hard edged guitar work that cuts into their quieter moments especially in the shard-like strokes at the end of Fevering. Me likes. Go befriend Skycam on My Space, and download some songs.

2. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of country in that I don't own near enough country albums to qualify myself as one. Also, I can't recognize Waylon Jennings songs the way some of my friends can. Still, I'm a nice middle of the road/VH1/weekender country music listener. Not so much White Trash Woman as Pancho and Lefty. I love Ryan Adams and his lonesome loser laments and dig the occasional Neko Case yodel. Which makes me quality sucker material for Goodnight and Goodnight who combine skewed wavery toned vocals (that some people might call CYHSY-stylee* but not me since I may be the only living girl in NY who doesn't own that album) with country touches to their prom-perfect ballad The Sun Hits Her Face. You'll wanna find someone in chic vintage prairie garb to wrap your arms around and everything. Go download it on Goodnight and Goodnight's My Space page.

3. Need material for the eventual "I'm heading somewhere with sand and waves" playlist? Currently, I am a bit obsessed with the curdled sunniness of Via Audio's song Presents. Curdled? That's 'cause a lot of boy/girl harmony lines can fall on the line of sugary twee and that is certainly not the case with this tune. It's a sunny pop song with an underlying steeliness so it's perfect for a drive to the beach with your most cynical (but secretly tender-hearted) friend. Hear this song on, yup, you guessed it, their my space page.

4. As proven consistently by my fellow contributors and friends, Gill and Therese, good things come from New Jersey. To that end, go check out Green Arrows whose Americana lamentation, California, can be downloaded on My Space**.

Love, D

Songs to seek: Fevering/Skycam, Presents/Via Audio, The Sun Hits Her Face/Goodnight and Goodnight, California/Green Arrows

* Yes, that's two e's

** Yes, I live on My Space nowadays.

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