all I want is one kiss, just one kiss

dear friends,

1. the 61 bus saved my life

missed the siren festival. can you believe it?! I always go. fact is, I didn't feel so hot on saturday. opted instead to stay at home most of the day. listened to the eraser by thom yorke. have things to say about it, just not know.

later that evening, the monkey & I took the bus from one end of brooklyn to the other to see minnesota's low lustre play galapagos. got to the venue too early, went to eat, came back to catch exactly one & a half songs. felt like the prize horse's ass. luckily for me (& you, you'll see) low lustre is moving to beautiful bushwick in september. who doesn't love second chances?

2. the light fantastic

here are some pictures from the polish disco show at club europa last thursday. the venue was admittedly out of the way BUT made up for it by being very spacious & having excellent sound.

I have to say, I'm a bit in love with emily & travis from the muggabears. & isn't just 'cause they came over with their stuff at 7:30 on the dot, or that travis played an unplanned, last minute solo set (the highlight being I'm coming true which has a great little guitar hook that curls & wiggles & ends with a CLANG CLANG. listen to it on their my space page), or their sticking around & enjoying the whole show. they were funny & sweet & not the least bit perturbed that I'm a member of an electro franchise.

according to their aforementioned my space page, they are playing a "not so secret show" with emma la reina & limbs. once I know more details, I will let you know 'cause I'm a'be there!

travis muggabears @ club europa, 2

you all know I love them unsacred hearts. joe willie was in top form. sadly most of the pictures I took were piss poor thanks to the...fog machine. yes. you read that right. & did I mention the discoball & light show? actually, the smoke & lights were kind of all around fabulous, just bad for the photo-takin'. this one's good though.

tina gray with unsacred hearts @ club europa

as you can see, tina gray joined them for an electrifying two three four. in keeping with the song, a sorta indie rock "he said, she said, he realizes he really doesn't get it" duet, joe watched her sing like a man who knows he's going to eaten for breakfast but is secretly quite pleased at the prospect.

the fabulous mistakes previewed material from their forthcoming album. my favorite moment was hearing them play what sounded like a prog power ballad (?!) during soundcheck, watching the out of town metal band that the club had hired to play at 11 listen on in confusion, hearing same prog power ballad performed later complete with fog machine & swirling disco ball. m to the stakes, I LOVE THAT SONG. what's it called?

mistakes @ club europa, 1

thanks to all those that performed & all those that came! you are superstars!

3. favorite videos from childhood, part four

aaaw yeah, one thing dj earfarm should know about our beg yr pardon #5* tag team dj-ing extravaganza is that this will most definitely be played.

electric avenue/eddy grant

I'm not really sure why I loved this video, it makes not one iota of sense. it must be the fake motorcycle sounds followed by that OH!

love, d

* AHEM, BYP #5 is on 8/1, the one after BYP #4 tomorrow on 7/18, which YOU will be attending, no?

songs to seek: I'm coming true/the muggabears, the two three four/the unsacred hearts, (awesome pseudo prog power ballad I don't know the name of complete with harmony oooo's) moon/the mistakes, electric avenue/eddy grant

* thanks fraser!

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Blogger merz said...

I have been praying for a long while for just one kiss, damn it has been such a long time since.......

8:57 PM, July 17, 2006  

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