whatever happens, if we're still speaking

dear friends,

1. a reminder, an actual one

I received some sad news this morning that the muggabears will not be able to play as a full band at tonight's jezebel music showcase because of a death in the family. it's hard to express how one feels over someone else's loss especially when condolences always seem so paltry. my thoughts are with them.

travis johnson, lead singer/guitarist from the muggabears, will perform solo at 8:30. the unsacred hearts & mistakes will go on at their regular times. there is an open bar from 8-9, so if you plan to come be sure to take advantage of that...


now how does one get to club europa?

by subway: G train to nassau ave. stop - walk 1 block north to meserole ave. & manhattan ave. club is located near the corner of manhattan ave. & meserole ave.

map of 98-104 meserole ave
brooklyn, ny 11222

2. a reminder, the song

I will cave in & buy the eraser because I love thom yorke like I was fourteen years old & nothing else in the world matters! ok, maybe not all the time. it would be difficult to get through the work day feeling like that all the time. but something close to it. a cards-close-to-vest fantaticism, perhaps? that sounds about right.

yesterday, soaking wet 'cause of sudden downpour, I sat on the bus & read the thom yorke interview in spin. the interviewer asked yorke if anti-depressants help him with his overwhelming anxieties & he replied in the negative, & continued by saying that music is all that's ever worked for him in that regard. I found myself nodding stupidly in agreement. then instantly felt embarassed because I realized that I've been on the bus, drenched by sudden downpour & nodding to some musical hero's pronouncements in some way or another FOR MOST OF MY LIFE. does this still happen to other people? or am I stuck in a teen time warp? just wondering...

there's a radiohead song called a reminder* which I put on a mix for j when I was a'courting him (female rob gordon, c'est moi?). it's a woozy number that sounds like sitting in a lounge in the world's most beautiful airport & it's not just the boarding call pronouncements audible in the mix, it's the WHITENESS of the sound. all the notes in the song seem to drip in the air, everything molasses-slow with a guitar line that swirls around & around aimlessly. it's just like watching take-offs & landings when you get to the airport too early & you're headed someplace that isn't where you want to go. yorke mumbles & slurs his way through it, a man who hasn't slept in days & there's a strange urgency behind his drowsy rambling. this song is a message about transitory things & that old twitch inducing truthism: just because things change doesn't mean it wasn't real & true at some point.

a tender & damaged little thing. go find it.

love, d

ps I'm buying the eraser this weekend. I'll let you know what I think.

* you can find a reminder on the airbag/how am I driving? ep

song to seek: a reminder/radiohead

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Blogger Tavie said...

Your post reminded me of something funny from my past.


If the link doesn't jump, it's about halfway down the page from the December 27, 2001 entry. (It's the one caleld "Would I Like Radiohead?")

Good... times?

11:04 PM, July 13, 2006  
Blogger Tavie said...

Oh. I meant to make it a hotlink.

11:08 PM, July 13, 2006  
Blogger d said...

I feel like voting twice. I think "no" 'cause little thom yorke quivers with furious & righteous indignation in the majority of his compositions & maybe you'd find that humorless. & a little scary. then again, I think he's funny, so maybe you would agree. "yes"? did you ever decide?

10:24 AM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger Tavie said...

Jury's out. I downloaded a few random songs from OK Computer when I was taking suggestions, and I don't dislike any, and I quite like one or two, but I'm not sure whether I find Mr Y's voice to be too whiny or just plaintive.

But I'm still going on only about 6 songs.

11:41 PM, July 14, 2006  

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