you must be used to this now

dear friends,

1. another weekend, another show. actually, no. I took a break from showgoing ('cept for a brief jaunt to philly, see #2) to cook & lounge & watch a cock & bull story*. for coverage of the pretty girls make graves show at the mccarren park pool keep checking subinev. you can count on bryan's photos to be good so there's definitely some kind of wonderful to be found.

2. here is a video for man in gray's thirty-six directed by steven huber. I took a lot of mediocre photos of their illadelphia show so this will have to do for now. my apologies to those who have seen it here already. I like to repeat myself.

thirty-six/man in gray

3. speaking of man in gray, serious business records has gone way fancy on my ass & revamped their site. go read their boozy, rosy-hued arthurian legend penned by the incomparable joe willie & maybe buy some of their premium products. ok not maybe. definitely. pony up.

also go to the photo page, I'm in one of the pictures. try & spot the waldo.

love, d

* SO great. a lot of movie set based films fill me with anxiety & this one is no different (I was practically gnawing my hands off) BUT a cock & bull story had that magical ingredient necessary for this type of movie - CONTEXT. makes me want to re-read the life & opinions of tristram shandy & re-read stephen fry**, who makes an appearance on the extras passionately discussing the merits of this singular novel.

** asterisk in asterisk aspic? did it. done. grammatical crimes daily here at soft communication! but I digress...yes, stephen fry is not just jeeves but a terrific writer as well. for proof try & nab yourself a copy of moab is my washpot.

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Blogger Tavie said...

Was bored by The Liar and couldn't at ALL get into The Hippopotamus but I loved, loved, LOVED The Stars' Tennis Balls.

3:17 PM, July 24, 2006  

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