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dear friends,

1. eternal flame much?

TONIGHT IS (cue fanfare):


what I want to know is will the song corporation play a cover of that horrid bangles song eternal flame & prove me wrong by providing the beg yr pardon audience with a daringly insightful rendition that makes them re-evaluate not just susannah hoff's songwriting skills but life itself? HMMM?!?

2. marimba?

j & I watched the movie stoned last night which attempts to re-create the last days of brian jones before he met his untimely swimming pool death.

conversational snippet in lieu of actual review:

d: wow. that blew.

j: it would've been much better as a short...don't you think?

d: hmmm...it would've been much better not sucking.

j: it would've been much better had it never been.

d: exactly!

(also a criminal waste of paddy considine who absolutely killed in 24 hour party people with his pitch perfect portrayal of new order manager rob gretton. you don't remember who that is? the bearded guy with the pint glass surgically attached to his hand who seems to embody the manager that every band wants: an intensely loyal person who can kick someone's ass for you should that ass need to be kicked.)

but back to brian jones...my childhood impressions of the stones were that they were the ugliest famous men I had ever seen in my life. total grotesques in pirate shirts. I am not sure when I got over how oogy boogy I thought they looked & started to enjoy the music but it took a while. fine, call me shallow.

I always did love this song though...

under my thumb/the rolling stones

jones' prim marimba line perfectly personifies the seething, gritted teeth rage that's just trembling under the surface of jagger's well-dressed lines. it's not just the girl who has been made over, it's the protagonist as well. he's looking the part of the big man with the posh girlfriend but he's still an insecure little boy. & when the song is done it's that musical line you remember; the trembling hand on the tea cup after the put down.

see you tonight!

love, d

song to seek: under my thumb/the rolling stones

movie to avoid: stoned

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Blogger Tavie said...

Did you know that Brian Jones died in the pool at A. A. Milne's old house?

He lived right by the 100-Acre Wood in the very house that Pooh was born in.

True story.

9:52 PM, July 19, 2006  

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