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dear friends,

1. I never did a review post of 7/18's beg yr pardon#4 show 'cause I spent most of the evening having a tiny nervous breakdown. outside of my private inner house of cards meets hearts of darkness debacle, the bands were a dream & djs the obsessive compulsive & fluxblog rocked the house. even in the face of rampant heckling by drunken latins in glasses demanding aaliyah. eh, I'm not naming any names.

like the slayer, when one falls another rises in their place so mark your calendar for byp #5 on tuesday, 8/1 featuring air waves, schwervon!, el jezel & via audio. I will be dj-ing along with dj earfarm & not mc-ing. everyone shout: thank god!

the "you are there" on BYP #4:

crackers united
merry swankster

the BYP# 4 bands:

medic medic
the song corporation
pink noise

2. favorite videos from childhood, part five

big new prinze/the fall**

because I was one of those kids that never napped or slept really, I wound up catching this on late night tv while my mom slept on the other side of our apartment, completely oblivious to my 2AM viewing habits. this band & this song blew my mind & put me on the path of righteousness. it still sounds exactly as I remember: like a truculent drunk shouting nonsense as guitar quicksand/sludge slowly swallows him up. I love it.

love, d

* andrea susu gave me their new cd at the show & I've been cranking that like I had a pick-up truck. expect a blathering write-up soon.

** sadly, there is a brief voiceover interruption from whichever program this was cribbed from. my apologies.

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