I see you're under my diamond

dear friends,

1. firstly, an enormous congratulations to gabriel from BYP #2 alumns & gentlemen extrordinaire, takka takka. not only is this stellar fella going out on tour with cyhsy & soft communication favorites architecture in helsinki BUT he's also getting married this saturday*! I hope him & his beautiful bride-to-be have a perfect brooklyn day out in the blue & green!

2. secondly, matt earfarm posted up his BYP #5 re-cap & also our playlist. looking over selections, I noticed two things. we are shameless, shameless panderers of the highest order. I mean just look at the crazy dance party usa turn it took towards the end. & also (& this totally goes against the first point) we think the fall is so nice, we played them twice. go figure.

BYP #5 playlist (that's me in the bold)

"me plus one" - annie
this was actually not my intended start song but soundmaster bob needed to check the levels & I hit the first song on the list. a is for annie.

"lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken" - camera obscura

"melo do vitiligo" - bonde do role
I read on fluxblog** that marina from bonde do role took a bad fall at pitchfork but new pictures show that she is out & about, still performing, rocking a sling. she is a true playah.

"the city never sleeps" - the fall

"punker plus" - le tigre

"the continuing story of bungalow bill" - deerhoof

"jackson" - lee hazelwood & nancy sinatra
everybody knows I loves me some lee & nancy. I prefer this version of jackson to the carter/cash original (HORRORS!) because I buy that hazelwood is the most dissolute faux-country cad ever with his snarky "I doubt its." he's clearly leaving nancy by the side of the road. also, I adore those fade-out whispered "jackson"s. you pavement fans out there might notice the resemblance to the repeated "texas" bit at the end of texas never whispers. nice, eh?

"jackson" - brakes

"let down" - toots & the maytals
because matt had to play me like that & volley with that jackson cover, I had to counter with one of the most interesting covers I've heard of late, namely this version of radiohead's let down. it sounds like it wouldn't work but it does, especially the melodica intro. & while I wish toots had attempted that amazing split vocal thing at the end that yorke does where his "you know where you are" gets higher & higher, it's difficult to quibble when the man sings this tune with a conviction that belies the sunny reggae beat.

"wolf at the door" - radiohead

"911 is a joke" - public enemy
thom yorke once said this was a very sexy song. the natural response to wolf at the door, no?

"the bush" - special ed

"hot boyz" - dear nora & casiotone for the painfully alone
(NB: I had wanted to follow matt's selection with the seed by the roots & cody chesnutt. sadly I didn't have it. le sigh.)

when I first heard this version of missy's hot boyz I was dubious. because I couldn't tell if these whiteys actually liked the song or whether they were taking the piss. at some point or another, I decided to take them & their homage seriously. as seriously as that hard beat that punctuates the slack.

"20L07" - john & jehn


"pole position" - folk implosion

"rollin' danny" - the fall
because I love the fuckin' fall.

"crocodiles" - echo & the bunnymen

"99 problems" - danger mouse/jay z
full disclosure: when I first heard this version I was slightly underwhelmed. I had expected something way more terrifying in its awesomeness, since here are two incredibly visceral songs making out right in front of you like they don't care - it should freak you out or turn you on or BOTH. instead I was left with a merely a "huh." that being said, in a club, in the dark, with a drink, this hits the spot.

"standing in the shower thinking" - jane's addiction

"cut-out witch" - guided by voices
gvb! gvb! gvb!

"beetlebum" - blur


"tame" - the pixies
an easy one I know, but whenever this plays people hit the bar with a vengeance, in order to have something to hoist in the air during the final screams, I suppose.

"really bad weekend" - art brut

"two guys (for every girl)" - peaches
listening to eddie argos moan about his life, I started to imagine the kind of song he would write if he were set up on a date with peaches that went disastrously & hilariously wrong. coming soon to a theater near you!

"the journey" - fatboy slim

"see emily play" - pink floyd
had to throw one in for syd. & the monkey, who was patiently perched next to the dj booth all night.

"worked up so sexual" - the faint

"field day for sundays" - wire
angry that matt played the faint (I had desperate guys all cued up) I retaliated with an extremely short (but perfect) song. color me cruel.

"what's in it for me?" - brakes

"cope" - the futureheads


"plastic passion" - the cure

"handsome devil" - the smiths
george jezel was wearing a hatful of hollow t-shirt. this one was for him.

"trash" - new york dolls (very clever, matt)

"baby c'mon" - stephen malkmus
the guitar playing on this song is like being extremely drunk in good & equally inebriated company. no one's gonna rat you out the next day for playing the solo on a broom because they were accompanying you on table, I mean drums.

"astronomy domine" - pink floyd (request)

"wounded world" - mission of burma
I saw burma cover astronomy domine at irving plaza a few years ago. the monkey was mouthing along about oberon & titania & I thought, ah. must be floyd.

"scream team" - deerhoof


"let's go crazy" - prince
an old request from marts la reina. sadly, I think she missed it...(sob)

"into the groove" - madonna

"groove is in the heart" - deee-lite
how right you are lady miss kier.

"sexy back" - justin timberlake

"work it" - missy elliott
speaking of sexy back, missy wants you to keep your eye on her badunkadunkdunk.

"good enough for grandad" - squirrel nut zippers

"humpty dance" - digital underground
because everyone knows the words to this.

"so what'chu want?" - beastie boys

"talk to me, dance with me" - hot hot heat

"wanna be startin' somethin'" - michael jackson (matt faded out before the unfortunate yee-haw! moment. smart man.)

"the last time" - gnarls barkley (request)
a young lady requested gnarls. we aim to please.

"monday morning" - pulp

"love me or hate me" - lady sovereign (request)
phil byp requested some lady sovereign. I relate to this tale of midgetry.

"don't you want me" - human league


our apologies to the lady who requested muse & new kids on the block. we both almost had either on our playlists. yeah, that sentence makes some kind of sense.

also, my apologies for not playing cansei de ser sexy. I meant to play them at the end but ran out of time. if they ever let me do this again, I'm on it.

3. full circle? I think so! to hear both dj earfarm & takka takka rock the haus, be sure to attend crackers united presents friction on september 14th at sin-é. I will be there fo' sho'.

love, d

* last I checked, the first dance song had not been decided. my own personal choice would always be I wanna destroy you by the soft boys. I realize that not everyone shares my sense of humor so feel free to leave more appropriate wedding song selections in the comments.

** speaking of fluxblog, tomorrow is matthew perpetua's birthday so if you've ever snorted coffee through your nose after reading his entries (current favorite: "seriously, if you can't immediately tap into the raw, specific emotions of "Rusted Gun of Milan," "Emily Kane," and "Good Weekend," then perhaps we should just consider that you may be an unfeeling turbodouche") or downloaded an mp3 on his site, then run off & bought the cd, make your way over to fluxblog tomorrow & say thank you kind sir & happy birthday.

band to congratulate & go see live: takka takka

dj to do the wop next to while they play the beasties: dj earfam

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sorry d! i owe u a jukebox quarter or a karaoke request sooners

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