no words, just groove

dear friends,

1. because saying I'm going to do something usually ensures I do it, I'm telling you that there will be a review of the grates show at pianos posted here on monday. for reals. the short version: it was great! (buh-dump bump chhhhh) if you are impatient, I say take a periodic glance at merry swankster. jeff k & his eagle eyes were there as well so perhaps he can tell you about the fun first.

2. because I am simple, I found it damn near impossible to get through this post, though what I could make of it made me snicker in snarky agreement. go read it.

3. because I am a hot-tempered, rice & bean lovin' stereotype, my bronx accent started coming out MAD strong last night while watching survivor: race wars. I was finger snappin' & no, they didn't-ing all over the place. & yes, for next week's preview they showed footage of one of my latino brethren taking a "siesta." (buries face in hands)

of course, they did their hoodoo on me 'cause I'm probably gonna watch this show for the first time ever. mark burnett, you are one fiendishly clever caucasian.

4. speaking of the bronx, ESG is playing tonight at the hook. the monkey's band is opening. crazy, eh? it's a steep ticket price but it should be well worth the complimentary bus trip to the venue.

5. because if you don't know, now you know

UFO (live)/ESG

love, d

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