won't give you false hope but...

dear friends,

I am still working on an interminable piece about thom yorke's the eraser. I know, I know. I've been saying that forever. trust me, I'll put it up monday morning.

in the meantime, I've been informed by cassettes won't listen that their crackers united presents friction show at sin-e will feature an appearance by timothy from the diggs. wowza! for an excellent cassettes won't listen remix of the diggs' everyone's starting over, go here.

the line-up:

11:00pm - apes and androids
10:00pm - the foundry field recordings
9:00pm - cassettes won't listen
8:00pm - untied states

I believe there will be some FREE sugary caffeinated alcohol that will definitely getcha boozed up in a few sips sparks earlier in the evening. aaaw yeah. see you then!

love, d

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