calling us back to war

dear friends,

1. going to union hall in park slope tonight to catch those nice takka takka gents debut their cd, we feel safer at night. I first wrote about the song that the album takes its name from here.

if you are free, you should tag along. if not, go to their website & buy it!

2. step up was a glorious piece of velveeta. go here to read mr. fluxblog's take on what it was like.

I recommend you throw a step up party in your home sometime in the future*. maybe you too, can be part of the rhythm nation.

3. so far, me & jeff k are the only people signed on for the soft communication mix exchange, round deux. c'mon, I know you be dorkin'. take part.

love, d

* be sure to do the step up drinking game. drink every time: a dance outfit is needlessly skimpy, no one has sex when obviously they should, there's a giant electric slide revamp taking place, rachel griffiths aka brenda fisher wanders in clearly needing to pay some bills & doing a mystery accent that turns "3 o'clock" into "3 o'claaaw", some dude proves that just 'cause he likes to dance, don't mean they're wearing no tights, a'ight?, etc. etc. really, it's a goldmine of opportunity.

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Blogger tina said...

Where's the SC signup sheet?

4:52 PM, August 21, 2006  

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