don't know why you lay me out to follow (revised)

dear friends,

1. donate! listen!

this saturday morning at 10AM I'm going to be nervously sitting next to the fetching colleen aka matilda von crumbcake to take part in her radio show, sandy acres sound lab on east village radio. I will be terrified, say umm a lot, my accent will pop out in unexpected ways, stutter, make up total lies about artists (i.e. e.g.* "yes, I heard david bowie once went to antarctica to study penguin movements. for the um...heathen tour.") & play some songs. I have never been on the radio but I know that my voice bleating out of my own answering machine terrifies me. so it should go pretty well I think! listen to the show on saturday & laugh. or cry.

while we are on the subject of sandy acres sound lab, because radio shows on evr needs to supply their own sponsors, colleen is looking to you, music fans for donations. go read about it here. she's not asking for a lot but if you're on the fence about the giving, listen to one of her archived shows because that should definitely nudge you in the right direction. I got paid today so I'm giving up some cash. I hear there's a mix in it for me. I love mixes! donate!

2. heated hatahs!

over on fluxblog, mr. flux waxed rhapsodic over the new album by beyoncé. you all know how I loves me some beyoncé & having heard some of b'day, I concur. if you're up for it, go over there, read the post, & if you do, DEFINITELY read the crazy ass comments. if you have something to throw in the conversation do so. I know I can't because everytime I try to formulate an intelligent retort to all the rockist bullshit it turns into something like "UGH! SHUT UP WHITE DUDES!" & that's not helping anyone. I'll leave the race baiting to "survivor: race wars!" besides, I'm not a racist. most of my friends are white dudes.

while we are on the subject of those post comments, part one: björk collaborating with beyoncé? yes, please! can that happen in time for christmas!?!?! that would be unbelievable goodness.

while we are on the subject of those post comments, part two: alicia keys is not better than beyoncé. I've heard/ownned miss keys' albums so trust me, this opinion isn't based on a 1001 listens of fallin'.

3. friday videos!

science is golden/the grates

wash me (live)/the grates

while we are on the subject of the grates, I will be catching this band at pianos next wednesday. they've come from far away so if you're free, you should be there to say hi.

love, d

* because I am a paranoid narcissist, I'm not sure if this was a subtle jab directed at me or mere coincidence. either way, I figured I'd better correct myself before I got my hand smacked with a ruler. my apologies to all youse who paid attention in skool.

band to see live: the grates

radio show to donate to: sandy acres sound lab on east village radio

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Blogger Mike said...

i'll hear you on the air, then, since i listen to colleen's podcast every week. have fun!

3:52 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger liz o. said...

I saw The Grates on Wednesday in Los Angeles. So much fun.

10:17 PM, September 08, 2006  

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