what will I do from now on?

1. other reasons

I would love to say that I was taking a leave of absence from soft communication 'cept I'm not sure how long that would be & without a definite time, I don't want to make any announcements. fact is, I do this when I'm at work (illegally & stealthily) & work's been hard lately, the way that work can be when it is demanding & deadly dull. so yeah, while my contributions to this here collective have always been slight, they're about to get slighter. blame it on the rain. all you other contributors, help a sistah out. pick up the slack.

2. other places

clap clap breaks down the differences between 90's indie sexuality vs 00's indie sexuality via versions of bull in the heather. nah, not really. but I just know that the mere mention of "indie sexuality" made someone's glasses steam up. you know who you are.

earfarm has a WAY more demanding job than mine but still has time to write about another quality song that is over eight minutes long.

ruined music was in the new york post! go to their website for additional tales of musical ribaldry, I mean misery.

stereoactive nyc is presenting beg yr pardon #7 tomorrow, & he has interviews &/or mp3s from all the bands on the bill.

3. other videos

don't know why by ko-stars feat. dean & gene ween was a song I closely associated with a big, bad ex. I listen to it now & scrunch my face into what I hope is a bemused look at how wonderfully overdramatic I got over a guy who really was just not right for me but I kept thinking could be by magic & a careful avoidance of the word "love." not really ruined music, though. I adore this song, & still listen to it now & again without fear of flashbacks. it's mine & not my past's.

sadly, I can't find a video for don't know why. instead here are three videos by jill cunniff & vivian trimble's other project, luscious jackson.

daughters of the kaos/luscious jackson

here/luscious jackson

ladyfingers/luscious jackson

jill cunniff is releasing a solo album this november called city beach. I can't wait to hear it. befriend her on my space.

love, d

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