can't you see that I'm human?

dear friends,

1. don't watch that, watch this

between the usual booking mania & planning a birthday trip for my mom this weekend to the jersey shore, I haven't been doing much musical sightseeing. so here are some places to go from the chairperson of lazy:

jeff k sells out & does some witty cover coverage on merry swankster.*

cindy hotpoint** tells me & you about one hot mariachi & the collectively hot dance stylings of anavan on the rich girls are weeping.

matilda von crumbcake has a photo of my favorite neighborhood kitty & for those that don't care for cats, a fantastic casiotone for the painfully alone track at sugartown.

j tells you about carniverous cave dwellers, melrose place re-enacters & whether or not pigs have wings at heart on a stick.

justin says mark your calendars for the always excellent friction party at sin-e on august 23 with cassettes won't listen (playing beg yr pardon #6 on tuesday, 8/15! soooo good!) & the foundry field recordings at crackers united.

2. videos from childhood, part six

just another night/mick jagger

I know this is probably the worst one yet. jagger looking wizened & wearing eyeliner! rae dawn chong looking like actually she enjoys jagger chewing on her face! that acoustic faux spanish guitar breakdown! the big group dance at the end! totally cheesetastic excellence!

love, d

* because I am a pushy sort of fangirl, both jeff k & matilda von crumbcake are dj-ing beg yr pardon #6 on tuesday. come on out!

** I accidentally put ms. hotpoint on my friends mass mailing list 'cause her email resembles a buddy of mine's. I am very, very sorry. I'm sure receiving party invites from a total stranger from nyc must have been puzzling, not to mention terrifying.

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Anonymous dj matilda vcc aka colleen said...

i can't believe you know that kitty -- he's the most awesome cat ever! (you must live in park slope?) anyway, i can't wait til beg yr pardon!!! xoxo c

4:50 PM, August 10, 2006  
Blogger d said...

1. I love that cat & aspire to be him. 2. yes. I live in the slope. on the 99 cent side. & 3. me too! me too! I'm going to request really annoying things & make my friends dance!

4:55 PM, August 10, 2006  

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