it's coming in hard

dear friends,

1. like I said on friday, you really oughta go*...


now how does one get to club europa?

by subway: train to nassau ave. stop - walk 1 block north to meserole ave. & manhattan ave. club is located near the corner of manhattan Ave. & meserole ave.

Map of 98-104 Meserole Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2636, US

2. like I said on friday, I wish I wuz him...

7/4 (shoreline)/broken social scene

I would like to be that unkempt & have a lithe french chanteuse in my clutches.

3. I never said this but...

at the end, the monkey & I split on the world cup issue. he was backing the french & I had to go for my italian brethen (my last name is sicilian which means I'm at least 1/4 eye-talian.) I got rather aggro during the final match. so much so that j said, "when did you become such a big italy supporter?" I replied sotto voce (natch), "when the game started. shhhh."

congratulations italy! now maybe the chilean team can stop sucking & actually qualify four years from now...

love, d

* thank you jared for the flyer!

show to go to: jezebel music presents...band night at club europa thursday, 7/13 with mistakes, the unsacred hearts, & the muggabears

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Nice work D!

2:50 PM, July 10, 2006  

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