that's right

or I really should be done packing*, top of the pops is dead, long live top of the pops

dear friends,

there are no facts here. only zool. all I know is that top of the pops is ending, has ended or something. I used to watch toftp religiously when it was on bbc america in the mornings. some performances were great, some performance were a sorry mess. either way, I was usually amused UNLESS it was a teen group named s club 7 or something (they had loads of groups like that, identical seeming buff types dancing & singing in unison) but they'd usually be done with quickly & be followed by...megadeth? a great way to start the day.

this here is one of my favorite top of the pops performances. no, it's not rock.

come into my world (fischerspooner remix)/kylie minogue

I remember being dumbfounded by this. bizarrely alluring not just 'cause it's kylie but everyone seems to be on ludes including the beats & what is up with that very tall, is that a paunch or no? pink haired "back-up" dancer? when I found it on you tube, of course I discovered/realized those art pranksters fischerspooner were the ones behind this erotic techno pop cabaret lipsynch concept/remix. nice work. love the the way the repeated ending "come" is turned into caw caw caw. kylie as sexually sated seagull. how could I not love it?

love, d

* the monkey & I are headed to virginia. we are celebrating our anniversary a month late. we slow like that. enjoy the holiday weekend!

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Blogger liz o. said...

During that brief time that TOTP was on BBC America, I watched it too. This was hands down my favorite moment on the show.

5:33 PM, July 03, 2006  

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