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dear friends,

1. favorite videos from childhood, part two

it’s a rather obvious choice, isn’t it? I’m beginning to think that maybe the reason I liked these particular videos is 'cause of their shared mini-movie feel.

smuggler's blues/glenn frye

on a side note, when the monkey & I first met we bonded over our vague memories of loving miami vice & in particular the episode where edward james olmos’ monosyllabic police chief is inexplicably revealed to be...a samurai? that’s right! a latino samurai. complete with crazy hiding from the bad guys by wedging his injured body sideways on the ceiling of a doorway. & if any of you recall that magical moment, consider yourself an official member of our gang of losers.

2. the obvious segue

speaking of gangs of losers, soundbites posted the title track from the dears upcoming album in this post. I am eagerly anticipatin’ their return as can be expected if you read the two spectacularly unsophisticated posts I wrote about them last year. unfortunately, this track, you & I are a gang of losers, while good*, is not the one I thought it was. namely the one that they played on their live show every time I saw them & have been dying to get my hands on since that has a lyric that goes something like "you’ll hate everyone until there’s no one else." I want that song! where is it?

(runs off into a corner, clutching head & mewling)

3. beg yr pardon #4

I know byp# 3 had some serious competition thanks to the five beeeeeellion quality gigs going around town that night, so I can forgive ya if you missed it. this time, however, you best be at the delancey on tuesday, july 18th because the line-up is truly de-licious, de-lightful & de-lovely. we got susu at 8, medic medic at 9, the song corporation at 10 & pink noise at 11.

behind the dj booth expect the obsessive compulsive in the earlier part of the evening & fluxblog in the latter part of the evening. I’m already polishing my dance shoes.

$5 entry (includes tinalicious brownies & cupcakes), $5 for upstairs bbq until 9PM & FREE BEER from 11:30-12:30.

love, d

PS anyone else going to broken social scene tonight at prospect park?

PPS can anyone recommend an air-conditioned establishment in park slope where I can watch the world cup final on sunday?

* though my favorite leak thus far is definitely the biting whites only party which works nicely as the theme song to my general indie rock show experience.

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Blogger Jeremy said...

Ssssssmugglas blues!
EJO was "ninja-like" but I don't think he was a Samurai. Samurai = guy with a sword who gets paid to kill. Ninja = sneaky guys who can climb walls and hide on the ceiling undetected.

11:19 PM, July 06, 2006  
Blogger d said...

well...I did some research (dork!) & the episode directed by ejo himself was called "bushido" which is, as fans of samurai flicks know, the warrior's code aka the code that a samurai lives by. meh.

like I said, gang of LOSERS.

10:00 AM, July 07, 2006  

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