this is a desperate moment (REVISED)

or how d's brain is so addled she can't quite differentiate 6.15 from 6.22, my apologies to tiger city & anyone who was psyched to see them tonight...

dear friends,

1. I am in love with this band. for those who read my posts, you'll know I don't usually hype like an NME journalist but seriously, I liked them so much on first listen, I had to contact them immediately & find out if they could possibly play beg yr pardon sometime because I'll be missing their show tonight NEXT week at the annex (see #2*) & I must see them LIVE, tout de suite!

I'm not a maaaaad dance rock fiend or anything but I'm no hatah. my one issue is that sometimes the same-ness of the movement gets to me. then again, variations of gang of four's to hell with poverty are way better than variations of creed & whatever crap song they wrote, so I take it with a smile & wiggle. now, tiger city may be dance rock but there's a little something extra about their songs that makes them hard to label as such. true, they have the shake it sound down cold but they also add all sorts of bright splashes of color to the compositions; unusual guitar lines, ambient breakdowns or a great vocal hook. two standouts are mountain pass, which has a fantastically catchy overlapping vocal coda & timecard, which lures you in beat first, then makes you press repeat over & over again just so you can hear the tidy, sometimes dissonant guitar interplay on the choruses. then you dance like a fool. & listen to it again. & again. befriend tiger city on my space. & go see 'em tonight NEXT thursday & tell me how much you we're feeling it, 'cause I know you will.

2. tonight draculazombieusa east coast annex returns to jump around, jump around etc... only this time, founding father will s aka "the mad scientist" will also be there to teach the franchise a thing or two about how NOT to ruin his songs. it's at sin-e & we go on at MIDNIGHT so if you're inclined towards the nightlife, feel like dancing, or are curious to see what happens when will hears what the east coast annex have done to his songs, come out & play-yay.

love, d

band to seek: tiger city

songs to seek: timecard/tiger city, mountain pass/tiger city (available on my space)

* I will miss next week's show since I will probably be making an appearance with the unsacred hearts. argh!


Blogger Matt said...

oh MAN. no doubt! they're really great. in fact, i had a song in my playlist when i DJ'd BYP #1 but it missed getting played by like two songs.

12:45 PM, June 15, 2006  
Blogger d said...

well, next dj ear farm gig, you need to CRANK IT!

(I'm kinda glad you didn't play it at BYP#1, my dance moves might've been too much for the crowd)

2:18 PM, June 15, 2006  

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