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dear friends,

1. rather than the much anticipated anniversary weekend of bliss with my monito, I spent most of it crying for my mommy or mami as we say down in the real south. I do not joke. my moms held my hand as I whimpered, clammy & bed-bound.

that's right, I'm between spinal medications & between the migraines & the uh...inability to hold down food (classy, eh?) there wasn't much I could attend/listen to/write about. though I will say that watching the footballer's wives marathon on sunday made me feel much better*. my apologies to all & sundry for my incapacimatation (new word alert!)

2. today is 6.6.(0)6. which means many things, the most important being that it is the premiere of beg yr pardon #1. look out for tina (the fetching short-haired brunette), bryan (the tall, curly haired guy with the slightly open-mouthed expression wielding a camera) or phil (the tall, blue-eyed guy with a slightly perturbed expression) or me (the short, glasses wearing, ethnically vague looking frump in black hoodie). say hi. I promise not to hit you or call you names.

the bill tonight (for mp3 links please visit the beg yr pardon site):

momad - I know nothing about this band 'cept that they are NOT a) a matmos cover band, b) some dude with a peter gabriel fetish or c) mo' matching drapes playing an acoustic set. unfortunately, there is no my space or website, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed & hoping it's not a rap/metal hybrid.

kickstart - I saw kickstart open up for the unsacred hearts at the delancey & they impressed me with their energetic, gravel voiced, bluesy-woozy update on the clash sound. I hear their new album is gonna be hot stuff indeed & I can't wait to hear it.

fenwick - from mass who sound like the kind of punk rock music that would be made if that hot spanish chick in grease who did the handkerchief thing at the drag race decided to start a band. & yes, I know if you've never seen grease you won't know what I'm talking about. which means you need to see grease. DUH.

up the empire - saw these fellas at an always excellent crackers united party at rothko. good-natured, cascading pop songs that aren't about rainbow regurgitating cougars. or are they? an impressive live show that will get you happily nodding your head like a boozy bobble (sp?) doll.

cholo - thanks to constant scheduling conflicts I have been unable to see cholo but tonight's my chance! yay! I'm excited not only because co-singer felipe cholo (the george jezel principle: first name followed by your band's name equals your rock name) is another latino in the indie rock scene (I tell you, it's like unicorns out there) but because I'm a big fan of their girl/boy pop ditty, american candy, & if they haven't moved waaay past it, I might get to see it live.

merry swankster is one of my daily reads & they were nice enough to give us a shout-out here**. I don't know what they mean about eccentric though...is it tina's free red velvet cupcakes? bryan's hair? my love of ponies***?

heart on a stick, another daily read, also gives byp a wave. part of me thinks blackmail might be involved. which is illegal. & eh...ill-advised as a promotional tool. but what do I know about promotion? all I do is chirp loudly like cardinal until people cave in. it's a skill I learned from...the vatican. did I mention, my head hurts & I can't think straight?

see you tonight!

love, d

* OH. MY. GOD. footballer's wives is ridi-cuh-lous! I really need to write a whole post dedicated to the sheer insanity of it. sample dialogue from win at all costs tanya turner, a woman who puts whitening cream on a newborn so she can pass the half-indian infant as her own, & then later opines (frown, stubbing out of cigarette) "it all sounds a bit racialist to me," to the real mother boasting about her (switched!) baby's pale skin. confused? you should be. b-a-n-a-n-a-s, I tell you & right up my trashy entertainment alley.

** they write that the fantabulous takka takka (an upcoming byp band) has a 6 degrees of man in gray connection?!? I had no idea, as I explained to the lovely gabe takka takka, my love of foosball led me to them. I'll explain this when I post about their next show.

*** speaking of ponies, I love how the identity of the father of this cute little shetland is awesomely obvious.


Blogger Tavie said...

Goddammit, lady, if you call yourself a frump one more time...

Don't you know how it devalues the word? *I* am frump. If YOU are frump, that downgrades me to troll or hag or Jade or something.

So just... don't.

7:53 PM, June 06, 2006  
Blogger d said...

hey! I don't underestimate myself. frump or no, to quote digital underground, it never stopped me from getting busy.

(does the humpty dance)

10:32 AM, June 07, 2006  

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