she's the sweetest queen I've ever seen

dear friends,

I was gonna talk american idol finals but after realizing that I wouldn't have much to say 'cept taylor hicks is a purple people eater & katherine mcphee sang her single like she was in a junior high talent show*. for the "yeah, what they said" please go to heart on a stick & read his take on the finals.

instead here is some you tube madness. the first three are somewhat** connected to neil jordan's breakfast on pluto which I viewed this past weekend. I loves me a picaresque tale. the fourth is one I'm just fond of.

1. I just don't know what to do with myself/dusty springfield

2. jeepster/t-rex

3. re-make re-model/roxy music

4. ain't it fun/the dead boys

love, d

* I did feel bad for her. her "single" selection, entitled "I can't believe that I'm at finals" aka "wow, tonight is special" aka "my destiny" (or something close to that) was written by someone who didn't know her range so that the combo of contralto notes & nerves made her occasional forays into the upper register sound like an asthmatic owl hooting faintly in alarm. hence the talent show aspect. it doesn't matter though. little girls will still want katherine mcphee paper dolls & little boys will still want to see her oh pretty much just stand there. so she may still win.

** somewhat in the sense that songs by dusty springfield & t.rex are in the film, just not these selections, & bryan ferry (!) makes a cameo appearance in the film as an eddie argos-moustached baddie (!!)


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