still don't believe it

dear friends,

ever since low lustre sent me an add friend request on my space* & I fell in love with their song dancing blind, I've been prattling on & on about them like a cardy wearing retiree. I tried to secure them for beg yr pardon (unfortunately, our dates didn't work, boo hoo!), I babbled about 'em here on soft communication, & I directed everyone I knew to their my space page via mass email. I was a little excited, to say the least.

you know about my inability to post mp3s right? well, luckily for all of us, bows + arrows does & is way more articulate than I could ever be about why you should check out this band in this post. go plunder & keep an eye out for low lustre's upcoming nyc dates!

love, d

song to seek (take 2): dancing blind

* basically, I am on my space to be friends with bands. I don't know if not approving them for friendship until I've listened to all their songs makes me more or less of an asshole.


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