bigger than the sound

dear friends,

1. contributor tina is like a charging bull that's been inexplicably transformed into a pretty girl. who knows why it was done but there she is, so get out your reds & mind the china 'cause lady da costa has decided to go all mad doctor frankenstein on nyc & start a party entitled beg yr pardon.

because I am all about contacting complete strangers in bands via email & babbling about how much I like them, I have droolingly volunteered to be her igor, complete with hump*. I envision many things...mainly to see bands that I really love, both from nyc & out, in one delirious line-up so musicians out there, don't be surprised if you hear from me (insinuating cough followed by narrowing of eyes). also, be prepared for a collective dj experience the likes which I have never heard (or seen, come to think of it...). I'm actually sweating right now, that's how hot & heavy I am for this once every other week tuesday night event to be held at the bbq-licious delancey. did I mention the brownies? yes! baked goods.

befriend beg yr pardon on my space**. & contact me on my space as well so I can hear your nice band's music.

2. go see mo matching drapes tonight at the delancey.

love, d

* also starring in beg yr pardon (that is, if it was young frankenstein) is contributor phil as frau bl├╝cher & contributor bryan as police inspector hans wilhelm friederich kemp. those fellas have skillz.

** full web site coming soon...(cue overture)


Blogger Phil said...

Does that mean that whenever you hear somebody say my name, you're going to whinny like a distressed horse?

2:32 PM, May 10, 2006  
Blogger d said...

you got it!

2:38 PM, May 10, 2006  

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