The Gifted Ones

This is 森田童子 Morita Douji, acid folk vixen of the 70's. Here she is singing her hit 奥たちの失敗/Our Failures. This tender-voiced ray of sunshine makes me reflect fondly on Cobain. She does not, however, instill in me the desire to off myself in a million slow-motion glam shots.

Morita's got a song that bands I enjoy like to cover. It's called たとえば僕が死んだら/Tatoeba Boku ga Shindara or For Example, What if I Died...?

She sings of her deaths so very gently, it's hard not to shed a single glittering tear that will fall forgotten in the dust on the plain of this lost earth in which we silently drown with our moms. I don't normally care for this abundance of blatant despair in my music but I can usually be bought in other tongues. Tragedy is such a relative thing. I can cry listening to Cocco but Morita's words do not move me in the same way.

These, however, do kick considerable ass.

This is Number Girl covering Morita Douji at a live event. My favored listen.

This is Eastern Youth covering Morta Douji.

While I'm here, I'd like to push a little more Number Girl on you. Check out this badass cover of Teppu Surudoku Natte/Sharpening the Iron I found on YouTube.

It's astounding to me how cool this song sounds stripped down to just percussion. If I closed my eyes, I'd think someone was pounding out nails on an anvil. Or summoning spirits on the taiko. Or both.

Jesus, but I do love my numbered girl.

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Anonymous ninaxniep said...

it's been a while since u posted this
but lol
wanna ask ><
don't u have the translation of her songs?

12:30 PM, March 03, 2009  

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