So much more aware

Dear friends,

Along with a few other well known folks, Soft Communication has been nominated for a bestest music blog EVAH award.

Music blogs make me scream too.

The winner will receive a bar of soap and a hand towel from Hey Nielsen! and Billboard.com. On behalf of myself and everyone who has contributed to Soft Communication, I would like to say thank you for the nomination. If you feel like voting for us, go here.

In honor of this random occurrence, here is a Linkin Park cover done by British R&B chanteuse Jamelia. Can't get weirder than that, can it?

Jamelia wonders what she is doing here; looks coy

Numb (Live)/Jamelia (mp3)*

Love, D

* Check out the back-up singer replicating the spoken word/rap part. Hilarious.

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