Sorry now that you've fallen from my eyes

Hope Sandoval specializes in beautiful meowing. Long syllable-stretches of wan regret. Perfect for sleeping, drowning your sorrows or languishing in a darkened room. Take Everything is saved from being an exercise in gorgeous night-time wallowing because it has a smidgen of tension, enough to make you alert. About two and a half minutes in, the pace picks up a touch and JCMC's William Reid's guitar makes a rueful, fuzz-toned appearance. Weirdly, I don't think he's the one responsible for the real pièce de résistance, the ending slide solo*. First time I heard this I thought that the part was too similar to the one in big hit single Fade Into You but it isn't really. It has bite for one thing. Its fragmented shards suggest, however subtly, that while the protagonists may have given in, the person who has "won" will be just as wounded at the outcome.

Take Everything/Mazzy Star (mp3)

When this album came out, I was, as the novelists say, disappointed in love and listening to this album A LOT. Hoo boy. I remember one particular friend looking at me sprawled, splotchy-faced, on their sofa listening to this record for the billionth time and saying "No way. Turn that off. NOW." Thank you friend. Sometimes we all need a not so gentle push.

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* The slide part sounds patently David Roback and it's an odd thing when the special guest star guitarist is out-shined by the guy actually in the band. Can anyone confirm this for me?

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