In a life built out of only goodbye

Dear friends,

Forget the end of the week gratitude, let's get straight to the disenchantment! Magnolia Electric Co. has a meandering genesis that I can't quite keep track off so if you need facts go to their Wiki page. If you're not into history, then go straight to their gorgeous country/folk lover's lament, Hard To Love A Man. The male and female voices intertwine, rising and falling with each statement. They're not complaining, they're stating facts, it WAS hard to love a man like you, I DID send my love, etc... but what can you do? For an "it's over" song, it's unusually tender. Even the accusations leveled at the hard-to-love man seem non-judgmental. Of course, it's not the words so much that make me come to this conclusion, but the vocals. They close the door gently.

Hard To Love A Man/Magnolia Electric Co. (mp3)

(Photo by Dylan Long)

Purchase What Comes After The Blues by Magnolia Electric Co.

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Because I have a voice meant for telegrams, INTERNET RADIO is clearly the next logical step! The canada dry Bill of Soundbites got me to talking about Guitar Feelings by The Muggabears* on Blog Fresh Radio. The interview included a lot of high pitched stammering about da Muggas being like Ingmar Bergman (but ya know...FUN!) plus a few other outright LIES confidently stated as fact, so I know the post-edit product must be just as good as a Lifetime movie about a dog shooting your face. To listen to the show (which also features song recommendations from Green Pea-ness, Song, By Toad and Chocolate Bobka) go HERE.

Love, D

* A tune first discussed in this post.

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Blogger Mike Shadow said...

It's a f. ace track but Zi can't help but feel a little gay when I hear a guy singing about how hard it is (not literally) loving a man like you...


Still love that track. Songs;Ohia are legendary. Their suites got heaps of supergenerous stuff on it too.

12:02 AM, November 21, 2007  

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