I want a laugh a minute, without fail

Dear friends,

Sometimes you want intrigue. After we set our clocks back and leaving for work in the morning means leaving in darkness, it's good to have a soundtrack to the change. The sky outside is that beautiful blue, the air is colder than you've felt in too long, and everyone is walking on automatic. Towards the train, towards the train, towards the train. Staring out the subway window, listening to this song, the way it creeps along, the double tracked voices intoning some strange self-help admonitions involving Kate Moss, you let yourself sink into a notion. You are in a movie. In this film, you are a Cold War spy, your cover is office-worker and you've been doing this commute for several years. Things are about to change however, your true mission begins today. You have the camera, you have the map. You are ready.

Everyday/Yo La Tengo (mp3)

Photo by Phil Morrison

Purchase And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out by Yo La Tengo

Love, D

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