And today it looks like a busted lip

Dear friends,

Guitar Feelings by The Muggabears has a pleasing symmetry. The hissed "Rejoice" which is muttered twice in the song works like brackets; the thrill that leads to another, greater thrill and the seemingly ordinary experience in between. Not that the song itself is commonplace. It teases by working in tiny bursts of well...feeling. It sounds, by turns, flirtatious and shy. Like a boy at a party crushing on a girl and letting alcohol make him slowly bolder. Until he's shoving her around a bit too roughly and she just takes off. It doesn't matter that much to him though. He got what he wanted, namely, some kind of small social interaction and tonight he will fall asleep with a smile on his face.

Personal note: when Travis Muggabears first played me this unreleased song months ago after ANTM or something*, I started laughing and slurred, fauxpagne-goofy, "It sounds JUST like Bone, Thugs + Harmony!" This makes a kind of sense, in that it's the first Muggabears song where the vocals are actively leading the beat. It's probably what makes me feel, despite the gnomic specifics of the lyrics, that this song is the most playful of Muggabears tracks. The vocal part jerks and stops in unexpected ways, forcing you to pay a little more attention to what's being said. Well played, Travis Johnson, well played. So what's next?

Guitar Feelings/The Muggabears (mp3)

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Love, D

* Yes, I kept it from you dear reader. I was only just given the green light to let my love for this song be known.

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