Dear friends,

I first listened to The Function Room by Half Cousin on a train ride from London to Liverpool in 2004*. I let its warm, sinister crunch provide the soundtrack to several hours of whizzing power lines. A perfect combination of movement and music.

Half Cousin still sounds like travel but it no longer seems like a straight trajectory. Jim's Crash Memory pops out at you, all bounce and unexpected turns, even as the vocals slide up and evaporate, ignorant to the bustle. I'm sure it started off as a straightforward piano based pop song but chief HC Kevin Cormack couldn't resist messing with it. By making it stop. Suddenly. Start. Get brighter, then become covered in shadow. Pass green fields and concrete stretches. Bursts of graffiti. Until it stops. In the middle of the tunnel. And you're left in the dark.

Photo by Tara Darby

Jim's Crash Memory/Half Cousin (mp3)

Big Chief (The B&B Frequenter)/Half Cousin (video)

Buy Iodine by Half Cousin.

Love, D

* I first scribbled about Half Cousin here.

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