Tell them black ain't always white babe

Dear friends,

I have long been in slow, warped, thick with haze infatuation for all things Pete Kember and Jason Pierce aka the songwriters behind Spacemen 3. This is why when I heard Kember aka Sonic Boom was playing as Spectrum at After The Jump, my head cocked to the side like the RCA dog and stayed that way. It's like that now.

Sonic Boom rocks the fog

Call The Doctor is the song you write when you are a little in love with death. The title request is uttered with a smile by a person who is slowly going under. They’re talking to you about how they can see death but they don't really care. They're trying to impart to you that their self-destruction is good thing really and it's too bad you, the listener, can't see that. The truth is you're probably not doing so hot yourself. So the question is, will you follow them down to oblivion or will you rise up to the surface, gasping for breath, and never look back?

A fine slice of blues to start off your weekend. I hope to see you at After The Jump tomorrow!

Call The Doctor/Spaceman 3 (mp3)

Buy The Perfect Prescription by Spaceman 3

Love, D

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