But he never even made it to his 20s

Dear friends,

I'm short on words this week. I do apologize.

First, a sad little waltz. Cobwebs and toy soldiers.

Army Dreamers/Kate Bush (mp3)

Army Dreamers/Kate Bush (video)

Buy Never For Ever by Kate Bush.


The second selection is by another tipping her hat to the former. This song, like the first, is heavier than its gossamer sound would suggest. I love the pointed harmonics that keep the vocal in check. Just like the rebuke of the chorus; "You don't mean that/say you're sorry" is sing-song sweet at first until the repetitions become an attack.

Now, Now/St. Vincent (mp3)

Buy Marry Me by St. Vincent.

Love, D

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay, kate bush and st vincent all in one post x

2:56 PM, September 25, 2007  

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