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Dear friends,

1. I'm going to hide the Lost finale ruminations at number 3 so don't read that number if you don't wanna know anything. In any case I'll be very unspecific since I was darting in and out the entire finale. I had a house to clean.

2. Thanks to The Song Corporation track I just storied* about, I've been thinking about people who are drawn to seemingly unresponsive partners. Take for instance, this Polvo song from one of my favorite records, Exploded Drawing. The narrator very much wants to know and understand the person he's with but is stymied at every turn by their aloofness. The music reflects their exhanges in that the verse lines go back and forth like a sing-songy argument between children. It doesn't really matter. The jaunty, purposely out of tune guitar line that underscores the chorus says it all: I adore this cold, pragmatic individual. I don't understand them but I'm hooked.


Taste of Your Mind/Polvo (mp3)

Buy Exploded Drawing by Polvo.

3. Oh Lost. The Hype Machine will be hopping with Scentless Apprentice today. There will be head scratching. There will be huhs? It was a strange finale.


- I'm not a Jack fan. Matthew Fox's clenched jaw plus blinking and striding about purposefully in a cut off shirt acting makes me crazy. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed his turn as drunk, pill popping, living in a room full of maps Future Jack. It made his complete nervous breakdown way more earned than all his previous "I need to saaaave people!" hissy fits. I actually felt bad for the guy FOR ONCE. So point one for Lost writers.

- Face it, the Nirvana was there to make us think it was "Jack, The Grunge Years." So unless Jack is gonna start killing virgins for their scent, there is no hidden message.

- Seriously, resolve the Kate/Jack/Sawyer issue. Everyone is so damn fickle. Enough already with these backpack confessions.

- I don't actually believe the writers know who is in that coffin. Though judging by what Jack said about it not being friend or family, my vote's on Locke.

- I expected to give a victory shout when they finally killed good ole Chah-ley but I actually felt bad for the little hobbit. He was a lot of fun in this episode especially in his exchanges with the Lara Croft wannabees in the Aquahatch. I think, unfortunately, that the Charlie/Claire storyline did him no favors. There was nothing in their relationship to really root for so the characters became pointless, arguing mouthpieces with no sexual chemistry whatsoever.

- Evenflooooow!

- Where the hell was Penelope? The books on the bookshelf behind her looked painted on! Come on Art Department! You couldn't find a few real books?! And uh, why was she the first thing that popped up on the screen? That was the most nonsensical piece of business yet. Minus ten points for the Lost writers.

- So is Walt...Jacob? Or rather is Jacob's gift that he can project the image of a loved one to people? Jack/his Dad, Ben/his mom, Eko/his brother**, Kate/My Little Pony, etc? Or is that the island's doing? Also, why is Walt fifteen years old all of a sudden?

- My first favorite moment (which came right after Ben's hilariously tossed off "That's your mother" line) was when after tenderly cradling Alex's face, Rousseu's first words to her daughter are "Will you help me tie him up?" That was almost telenovela nuts!

- My second favorite moment in the whole episode is when Rousseau elbowed Ben in the face to shut him up. Most actors would try and play that moment all Die Hard style, not her. She looked bored and impatient, like can this episode be over now?

- Three years later and we still don't know anything about Smokey?!?! Except that in addition to being a murderous smoke monster, he is also an amateur photographer who overuses the flash button.

- I thought Lost hated Latinos since they KILL ALL OF THEM. Thankfully, ageless, metrosexual "Other" Roger Richard*** is still kicking. Love ya, my eyeliner-ed friend. Keep on keeping on!

- Aw. Mr. Friendly R.I.P. They did set that one up though in season one. Couldn't call it unexpected really.

- Buh bye Naomi, the Mancunian parachutist. Your accent will be missed.

- Can someone make "My plane crashed on a mystical island and all I got was a golden ticket" t-shirts?

- I can't remember how it started...did it start with the Beard? And if so, does this mean that next year the flashbacks will be island ones?

- Why am I left feeling dissatisfied despite the admittedly brilliant flashforward conceit?

Love, D

* Yes. I know that's not a word.

** You may have a vague memory of Eko realizing that it was not his brother and saying so right before he got smoked.

*** Special shout out to Bruiser for pointing out my error. I blame Dickens and all things Dickensian.

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Blogger Emily said...

first off his name is RICHARD not ROGER. And Hurley is a Latino! A live one!

I cried like a bitch when Charlie died.

3:43 PM, May 24, 2007  
Blogger Eric said...

i don't know that it was made to fake us out into believing it was 1994--maybe more that they wanted us to know how emotionally sick he was (jack=kurt). you know... give him some cred. hey, it worked for me! NIRVANA RULEZ!

jack loves kate (didn't really believe it, but okay). kate loves sawyer, though, regardless of what she says, and she probably winds up with him in the golden ticketed future.

didn't really think about who specifically was in the coffin, but locke is a good guess, i think. not convinced, though.

charlie was a great character and his death was sad, and noble. chemistry or not, charlie claire and aaron were a family. that's the sad part. i don't think that's the last we've seen from charlie, though--even though he's dead.

walt is not jacob, but he is twice as old/big as he was in season 1. i blame puberty.

i'm not totally convinced that they are all off the island yet, but it does seem that that would be the case.

not sure how i feel about the idea of the present being the future, and the flashbacks being more island drama. i don't know if that's the way it's going to go down yet. we'll find out...

3:46 PM, May 24, 2007  
Blogger d said...

Noted and fixed.

Maybe they only let the Latinos with Anglo names live. I think I'm onto something here. As soon as everyone starts calling Hurley Hugo he's a guaranteed goner!

3:47 PM, May 24, 2007  
Blogger d said...


Hmmm. I always pictured Jack listening to something more "Frat guys when they have feelings music" like John Mayer or something. I won't lie, it was cool when it started playing. Way better than the Petula Clark and stuff they've thrown at us in the past.

3:51 PM, May 24, 2007  
Blogger Tavie said...

- I don't actually believe the writers know who is in that coffin. Though judging by what Jack said about it not being friend or family, my vote's on Locke.

The nerds at TWOP have determined by freeze-framing the clipping that it was someone who was found dead in a loft in LA, after living in NYC, whose name beging with "Jo" or "Ja". James Sawyer? John Locke? Jacob? ;)

- I expected to give a victory shout when they finally killed good ole Chah-ley but I actually felt bad for the little hobbit.

Felt exactly the same way I did after they killed Capt Kirk in that one movie. Ten minutes before he died I started liking him, then BAM.

I will read the rest of the post later. Gotta get out of bed and go to work now.

8:47 AM, May 25, 2007  

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