The days go much too long

Dear friends,

1. Jade McNelis has a voice that curls up in the corners like a bright red leaf in the sun and her song Life in Grey is as brief as that leaf's trajectory from branch to street. The tune is hushed, playful and has a tinge of Brit-psychedelia which makes it sound quite unlike the drudgery implied by the title. Despite the lyrics, which hint at some unspecified ambivalence, McNelis' vocal flutters about languidly in a way that says she could never be trapped by something as simple as uncertainty, she's far too content.

Recommended for:

- Those who wish it would stay breezy and cool so you could luxuriate just a little bit longer in the blue sky prettiness.

- Those who love winsome vocalists in the vein of Feist and Regina Spektor.

Ms McNelis, multi-tasking

Life in Grey/Jade McNelis (mp3)

Buy All the Fables EP by Jade McNelis. (Amazon CA)

Jade McNelis plays Union Hall on Thursday, May 31st. Befriend her on My Space.

2. Blame Neon Lights* partner Jeff K for this one. Thanks to him, I'm now kind of obsessed with this group. Holy crap! Who are they? What are they? Can they play a show for me? Like uh...NOW?

Video to seek:

Street Jizz/Ssion (video)

Befriend SSion on My Space.

Love, D

* Speaking of which, we have something up our kimono sleeves. Soon children. Soon.

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