I tried but I just can't leave

Dear friends,

Gabe is a friend of mine. When his legs were covered with scaffolding (long story) we used to talk about how, in another ancient lifetime, we would've been snacks for saber tooth tigers. All the cave people would scamper off, covered in skins, leaving us helpless little cripples behind going "Aw crap." Years later, new, improved and no longer "in construction," Gabe, that's Gabriel Miller-Phillips to you, has been busy; playing around town, recording an EP and completing a mini-tour with Alina Simone. His voice is equal parts Jeff Buckley and Lou Reed. There is the high, swooping tremulousness of the former and the dry, murmur and snap of the other. An odd combo that meshes beautifully.

Leave Him Alone* is one of those sad story-songs that get more and more intimate with each listen. I haven't lived that particular story but it can't help but become mine. The last time I heard it live, the journey of it was so vivid, I could see the colors of the bedspread, the dust gathering on the windowsill and feel the ache of not being able to let go of something, even though it kills you just a little every day.

photo by Bryan Bruchman

Song to seek:

Leave Him Alone/Gabriel Miller-Phillips (mp3)

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Love, D

* Leave Him Alone bears a resemblance to Thirteen by Big Star; it has the same leisurely stroll feel. Of course, the lyrics to Leave Him Alone are serious as cancer and the romantic longing is subverted. I don't know if the homage was intentional (if it was, someone's very clever indeed) but it may be part of why you expect a lighter outcome.

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Blogger kylie said...

I don't know if you can help me, but I recently heard his song "leave me alone" and I can't get it out of my head. Only problem with that is that I cannot find the lyrics Anywhere. I wasn't sure if you either knew where I could find them or knew them yourself. Can you help me?

2:30 PM, November 26, 2008  

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