Buvant tout mon whisky

Dear friends,

1. I am going to this on Saturday, tuberculosis be damned!

Found out what "petanqué" is and I am sad to report that it is not a type of crêpe. No matter, I will still show up dressed in a striped shirt/beret combo, a small, curlicued moustache drawn above my lip. I do so love a theme.

Plastic Bertrand cover to seek:

Ca Plane Pour Moi/Sonic Youth (YST link)

2. Jeff K has completed his wrap-up of the Neon Lights presents... show on 2/17. Where is my wrap up? Eh...Monday? Maybe?

Love, D

PS It is my fervent wish that Miss Melody Nelson joins Die Romantik onstage for a Serge Gainsbourg cover or two. (Crosses fingers)

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