And then she went onward, just one star awake

Dear friends,

1. Tonight at Brooklyn's Union Hall, The Battering Room presents Sure Juror, Johan, The Muggabears and The Antlers. $8, 8PM, Rachael Underrated is DJ-ing between sets. I will be there, splurging on prosecco and acting like a fool.

2. Tomorrow night at The Delancey, Neon Lights presents A Sunny Day in Glasgow performing live at the release party for their brand new CD, Scribble Mural Comic Journal. $8, 8PM doors, 8:30 show.

The badass bill includes local beauties Apache Beat, The Muggabears and Please Dept.

The Rich Girls are Weeping and Cassettes Won't Listen* are the record spinnin' DJs for the night. Recognize!

Neon Lights partner Jeff K did some excellent write-ups on all the bands with handy mp3s for your listening pleasure. Click on the names above to read and listen.

It's just so pretty, isn't it? Sigh.

3. Song to seek:

She Moves Through the Fair/Fairport Convention (MP3)

This song reminds me of high school. Especifically, 10th grade English on the fourth floor of Tillinghast Hall. Mr. B babbling on and on about The Once and Future King as the snow fell and tucked into the corners of the faux gothic windowsills. I had a free period after that class so I'd always take the mostly unused back stairs down to the cafeteria. I'd sit there, sip my tea and try to fake my way through James Joyce's Ulysses. You can imagine how that went. I had better luck with his short story collection, Dubliners and became particularly enamored of "Araby." Because it aches. In that formless and frenzied way which colors adolescence. She Moves Through The Fair has nothing to do with that tale's plot. But somehow in my mind, it has come to represent the fantasy within the story. The beautiful girl, the gift at the fair which you'd like to give her and of course, loss.

I'm not a huge fan of Sandy Denny with her treble and tremble pipes and faerie-love. But I do think her vocals are perfection here; cold and mysterious. She sounds like she's walking in slow motion and you listen accordingly.

Buy What We Did On Our Holidays by Fairport Convention.

Love, D

* CWL has covered Liz Phair's Fuck and Run in honor of Valentine's week. Go HERE to hear it.

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