Every thing is clear in our world

Dear friends,

1. My face! It stings! The hail! The hail!

2. Last night I bundled off into the snowy night looking vaguely like THIS and made my way over to Blog Show headquarters for a live Muggabears recording session. After some fauxpagne, talk of Kirk Cameron's angry God and who will be the next America's! Next! Top! Model!, we quieted down and da Bears jumped into three acoustic versions of songs from their new EP, Night Choreography. I swayed in the corner to Rings, thinking that it was really rather beautiful in a tender, "We don't need no stinking prom to LOVE"* way and that I can't wait to hear it again in all its electric glory. Which is why I will be seeing The Muggabears live TWICE this week, first at Union Hall on Friday, then at The Delancey on Saturday 2/17 for the A Sunny Day in Glasgow CD release show presented by Neon Lights.

After their performance, Blog Show vixens Nora and Rachael allowed Jeff K to say a few words about the Neon Lights bill and about us giving away a guest list spot and a bag full of yay to one lucky listenener. Because I had inexplicably decided that I wanted to be hype man** to Jeff K's spokesman, I didn't say anything the entire time 'cept maybe "Aaaaw yeah!" which prompted a startled look from my Co-Neon Lighter that I shall treasure for the rest of my life***.

Thank you Nora I Rock I Roll and Rachael Underrated for kindly letting us crash your party and thank you Ryan Ryspace for making sure that the sound was tops. Thank you Muggabears for going along with my harebrained schemes and thank you Jeff K for talking real good.

Listen to The Blog Show on Breakthru Radio at noon on Thursday for your chance to win a guest list spot for you and a friend plus a lovely gift bag containing The Muggabears Teenage Cop EP, A Fast One on Julian by Please Dept and the brand spanking new A Sunny Day in Glasgow full length, Scribble Mural Comic Journal.

3. In other Neon Lights giveaway news, we will also be offering more of those aforementioned fabulous gift bag/guestlist spots both today AND tomorrow on The New Afternoon show on WNYU (89.1 FM), so attention impoverished indie rock show lovers of NYC! Now's your chance for FREE goodies! Go listen!

4. Today is Valentine's Day and I won't lie, the constant commercials and specials on TV and those ubiquitous giant diamond circle necklaces that they keep telling me I'm supposed to want as a symbol of commitment make me want to hurl. If you feel the same way and just want to ignore the weather and dance! dance! dance! go to Jenny P's Hot Rocks party tonight at The Delancey or if you don't wanna leave Brooklyn, go to the WNYU Valentine's Day bash at Coco66 in Greenpoint.

Me? I shall be fine dining with The Monkey. He is lovely and mysterious and keeps me from falling in the snow.

Song to seek:

Oh My Love/John Lennon
Oh My Love/John Lennon (YST link)

Oh My Love/Martin L. Gore
Oh My Love/Martin L. Gore (YST link)

Buy Imagine by John Lennon
Buy Counterfeit 2 by Martin l. Gore

I will post my snowy weather Valentine mix next week so I don't have to compete for your affections with white teddy bears and heart-shaped chocolate boxes. You are all my Valentines, ya hear?

Love, D

* I am 150% sure that this is NOT what Travis Muggabear is singing about, but that's how I like to interpret that particular number. I'm so emo, as my friend Marts would say.

** Well, maybe not inexplicably. I was nervous AND we had been talking about the most famous hype man of all time, Flavor Flav. In retrospect, my homage could've been much, much worse.

*** Actually the startled look was for something else. Listen to the show and wait for my bizarre, high pitched "Thank YOU ladies!" towards the end. Classic!

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Blogger Jenny said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:46 PM, February 14, 2007  
Blogger Jenny said...

Thanks for the mention! Also, I finally saw the commercial with the Dusty Springfield song - you're right - fucking awful. Happy VD!

4:47 PM, February 14, 2007  
Blogger Tavie said...

It was actually sleet, not hail.

8:29 PM, February 14, 2007  
Blogger d said...

shhh! hail reads better.

11:20 PM, February 14, 2007  

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