And then let me in

Dear friends,

1. Still hacking. My cough won't let me sleep. I've been staring at these words on the page:

Tell your doctor or seek medical treatment if you experience any signs or symptoms that may indicate you have developed an infection such as:

• a cough that doesn't go away
• weight loss
• fever
• chills
• congestion
• flu-like symptoms

If these or any other signs of infection appear after you take HUMIRA, tell your doctor right away.

Part of me doesn't care enough to make the trip up to the doctor. And part of me thinks that I'm going the way of Camille. This is the sound of one shoulder shrugging.

2. Speaking of koans, Mike B's got some things to say about House. I'm not down with House though I know at least one Soft Communication contributor who is. I just hate hospitals. I don't even want to hear about them in songs much less see them on my television at night.

3. These guys are playing tonight at Fontana's. I wrote about them before here.

Song to seek:

Machine/The Lisps (mp3)
Machine/The Lisps (YST link)

Buy The Vain, The Modest and The Dead by The Lisps.

Love, D

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Anonymous Phil said...

Wow, this is weird. Sammy (of the Lisps) used to be my roommate when I lived up on 107th St. Are the Lisps blowing up now or what?

10:02 AM, March 08, 2007  

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