I don't know how to love you

Dear friends,

1. Still ill. Yesterday, I got home and immediately fell asleep on the couch, damp paw clutching cell phone. J woke me up and we watched American Idol. After several tepid slow jams I found myself overly enjoying a Keane song. That alone says oh so much.

2. I saw Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren and Alexander Hamid (1943)  in high school at the urging of one of my friends. I still remember the goofy excited look he gave me after he pressed play. At the time, I found it ponderous. Kinda still do. But the imagery haunts and so does the story once you get past the shock cuts and the soundtrack.

3. Years later I saw this music video on late night tv and had myself a chuckle. Not 'cause it's an admittedly fetching Milla Jovovitch warbling in her underpants but because it's Meshes of the Afternoon, the WB version. Totally devoid of menace and with lots more dewy skin.

The Gentleman Who Fell/Milla (1994)

Love, D

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Blogger Jeff said...

This post totally torpedoed my productiveness. Thanks alot. Also, I call Tori Amos on Ms. Jovovitch.

2:28 PM, February 21, 2007  
Blogger d said...

No joke! Actually, I seem to recall this album getting great reviews? I'm going to have to research this one.

2:41 PM, February 21, 2007  
Anonymous travis said...

woohoo! hadn't seen "meshes" in years! thanks for the film class flashback, D.

1:27 AM, February 22, 2007  

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