Like phone calls and screaming

Dear friends,

1. Yes, like everyone else in this freakin' city, I tried to get tickets to see The Arcade Fire, or The Fiah, as I've taken to calling them lately. No go. Oh well.

2. On the bright side, I Love New York premieres on Monday! Hell to the yeah, I'll be watching that shiz! Don't even play, you know Tiffany Patterson is HILARIOUS! She is completely deluded but also marvelously trenchant, and occasionally says the kind of thing that you snicker about on the inside but would never dare to say out loud. HBIC indeed!

3. Bell is playing this Saturday, January 6th at the Sidewalk cafe at 9PM for FREE. If you missed Olga and Co. at Neon Lights (tsk, tsk) try and catch them then. You will thank me.

Clementine (Live at Neon Lights)/Bell (YST link)*

I wasn't going to post this track on the grounds that it's sad as hell. Not sad like your dog got run over but sad like a gray day, can't break out of this, could be a Sunday sorta way. Olga Bell's voice falls around her words with a crumpled capitulation and you can picture the protagonist of this song waving a little white flag from under the covers. Still, despite the mope, there's an undeniable bit of hope at the end thanks to a sudden burst of vocal confidence. It floats there with the organ hum for a moment before the hush descends again.

4. Ahem, speaking of Neon Lights, all of you folks who missed out on Arcade Fire tickets for Saturday, February 17th, come hang out with us at The Delancey instead. It's gonna be hellzapoppin' with goodness courtesy of A Sunny Day in Glasgow (who have a new full length cd coming out,) the fierce DJ skills of Cindy Hotpoint and Pinkie von Bloom of The Rich Girls are Weeping and much, much more. Save the date!

Love, D

* Courtesy of the fantabulous Ryan Ryspace. Thank you kind sir!

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