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Dear friends,

You know what? I'm still completely confused by the sudden mad love for Clipse from the white indie crowd. Don't get me wrong, I am a Clipse fan, I have loved their hilarious, insolent-voiced tracks from back in the day and I mourned their absence in my own spectacularly confused way*. And now they're back and everyone's a fan! I hear that it's 'cause most other hip hop releases this year were "STRAIGHT garbage and even white people know that"** OR that Clipse's underground appearances hither and yon started getting people rabid again. Whatever the reason, it doesn't really matter, the cross-cultural popularity's well deserved. Welcome back fellas. Enjoy your Best of '06 list reign!

When The Last Time/Clipse

I love this video. To most, it's your standard club hopping, hood rats poppin' type of clip and they wouldn't be wrong. But the thing I always remember is Kelis wearing those crazy ass pants, sitting on the hood of that car, singing the subtle la la la hook that goes under the chorus like a little girl at a recital, surrounded by dudes who are like "Yeah, sing that la la la shit." Wtf?!? It is so completely bizarre and unexpected. That hook got stuck in my head and set up shop. Eventually I caved and bought Lord Willin' at the now nearly dead Tower Records*** on 66th St and Broadway. Hmmm. I should probably pay the old mausoleum a visit before they tear it down and put up a parking lot...

Anywho, nowadays I like to play this song whenever The Monkey rents a car, so I can turn up the volume, rap along badly, seat dance and just generally annoy the shit out of him.

Mr. Me Too/Clipse

The new video. It's comforting to know that six/seven years later, Pharrell still loves himself, word.

Love, D

* Every now and then I'd look up and say, "What happened to Clipse? I need to look into that..." then promptly forget. I am a space cadet.

** Thanks Luchi!

*** Former high school workplace. AND college too. Though the latter wasn't in NYC. Yes, I was that extremely unhelpful salesclerk in the Pavement t-shirt who sneered at your purchases.

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