Into a dream

Dear friends,

I will be at the Crackers United presents Friction showcase at Sin-e this evening to catch my buddies, The Muggabears.

(I love the fierce arms akimbo pose that Emily Muggabear is rockin' in this pic.)

Song to seek:

I'm Coming True/The Muggabears (YST link)*

Don't let the cuddly name fool you, this trio has a ferociously elegant simplicity. No jam band nonsense here; just lean mean post punk. Befriend them on My Space.

Buy their e.p. Teenage Cop.

I haven't heard the other bands on the bill but those Crackers United fellas always put on a good show. See you there!

Love, D

* You wanna know how nerdy I am? I have a dance that goes with the little guitar squiggle motif that starts around the 1:21 mark. No, I will not do it for you. Come up with your own moves.

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