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Dear friends,

1. It's a fact! I was in such a state of rabbity, single-minded nervousness at the first Neon Lights presents... show that I don't think that I am capable of writing any kind of recap of the event. So I'll leave that to Jeff K since he can like, write and stuff.

2. I can say this: it was a success! Big thanks to all the people that came, the bands that played, Bell, Lismore, Thieves Like Us and The Ballet, the DJs that spun, Earfarm, Colleen Crumbcake and Fluxblog and of course, everyone at The Delancey. We love every single one of you and since it's pretty much a guarantee I didn't talk to you because I was busy working door with a panicked look of, "Who me? Count? Stamp? Huh?," please forgive me. I am socially inept in every possible way.

3. The beautiful and talented Devon B. took photos. They will be up soon and we shall direct you to them.

4. The winner of the night's most embarassing moment is....ME! For grabbing the hand of Ginger, violinist of The Ballet, convinced she was Ingrid from Lismore, whom she LOOKS NOTHING LIKE, and chirpily telling her "Great job tonight!" And she hadn't even been on stage yet! I'm so awesome! Yup, that was the bit that kept replaying in my head, on a loop, the next day. Followed by a repeated self-smacks to the forehead.

Oddly enough, the moment that could've been the most embarassing, when I went up to Prince Paul and shook his hand like there was no tomorrow, was not. Prince Paul was spinning some magic upstairs and I had to tell him so. And I managed to, without swearing or saying inappropriate things. Go me!

5. The winner of the night's most unexpected and unintentional stylistic homage goes to Penelope from Lismore who was rocking a jaunty Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu*, ** army cap. I think that I'm not alone in wishing out loud that SOMEONE would cover something from Xanadu. Magic? Suddenly? Make it happen people!

6. The winner of the night's most unexpected and totally shouldn't have worked but it SO DID cover goes to Bell for taking on Skee-Lo's I Wish complete with choreography, ringtone melodies and an extended run through the "Name my kid ghetto names...Little Mookie" line.

What? Don't remember that jam? Check it:

I Wish/Skee-Lo

But mid '90s covers aside, all you tired, whiny, I'm so old I can't go out on a Friday, WAAAAH folks, need to make sure that you catch Bell's next show at the Sidewalk Cafe on January 6th because Olga and her cohorts most definitely live up to the promise of her online mp3s. While there was a light smattering of tech issues involving a borrowed keyboard, Olga easily overcame them with her charming and warm stage presence and of course, that beautiful voice. Backing rhythm team Jason Nazary and Mike Chiavarowere were stellar, with special commendation going out to Nazary for his smooth electronic to live drumming transitions. Jessica Martins from Via Audio provided back up vocals and dancing(!) throughout the set. I was wondering how the doubled vocal effects from Bell's songs would be handled in their live set, since her vocals are so distinctive it would be hard to match them. Luckily, Martins' warm tone paired up nicely and provided lovely vocal counterpart, especially on a rousing version of Expanded File.

Now I've told you to your face, I put the songs on a mix, I booked her for a show and I even played it on the radio! What more do I have to do to convince ya? Trust me, go check out Bell STAT. You will fall in love and promptly start planning your future together. Befriend Bell on My Space.

Love, D

* I actually haven't seen Xanadu since I was 5. I loved it so much that I'm kind of afraid to see it now and realize how much it sucks. I want it to remain a soft focus, disco roller skatin' masterpiece in my head.

** Eh, I just read the following on Wikipedia, under Xanadu: "Xanadu opens as a Broadway musical at the Helen Hayes Theatre in May 2007 starring Jane Krakowski, Ben Vereen and Cheyenne Jackson." Excuse me...JIGGA WHAT?!?

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Blogger therese said...

I was about to tell you about the Xanadu skating onto Broadway, but you beat me to it. I will add that this will not be the first time Jane Krakowski has laced up her skates in service of the Thea-tuh. She played one of the trains in Starlight Express. Her song (UNCOUPLED) is the only thing I remember about the show, which I saw with my mom. That, and the commercial featuring the fantastic audience member testimonial "Like CATS on wheels!"

10:24 AM, December 19, 2006  
Blogger liz o. said...

Sounds like fun. Wish I could have been there.

11:11 AM, December 19, 2006  
Anonymous Ingrid said...

haha, your most embarrassing moment was a blast! Thank you for complementing me, even if it was to the wrong person. It managed to still get where it was intended. You rock! xo ingrid (from Lismore/The 303s/Boyskout)

1:07 PM, December 19, 2006  
Blogger d said...

thanks ingrid. I still can't quite figure out how my brain allowed me to do that.

2:02 PM, December 19, 2006  
Blogger d said...

ps t: I can't believe you saw starlight exfreakin'press! wtf?!

3:58 PM, December 19, 2006  
Blogger therese said...

Yup, I saw Starlight Express. I know, it's a totally embarrassing thing to admit. Someone in my mom's office would organize bus trips. Whoever it was must have been a big Andrew Lloyd Weber fan- we saw Cats, Starlight Express AND Phantom of the Opera.

4:26 PM, December 19, 2006  

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