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Dear friends,

1. For those who only know heartonastick from a certain heated, murderous rant about visiting CMJ acts, head over there and read his lovely review of the Low show at Bowery Ballroom. The softer side of blogdom.

2. For a song that traffics in electronica, Tremolo by Lismore isn't a song particularly concerned with movement. Rather, it's all about mood and it sustains a a warm wash of atmospherics throughout. Like a narcotized version of Chrissie Hynde's protagonist in Brass in Pocket, the girl in the song sounds like she's forever standing at the window dreaming that the world outside will take her away. But it doesn't really matter whether it does or not, the beauty lies in waiting.

Video to see:


Lismore is playing Neon Lights presents...* at The Delancey on Friday, December 15. Befriend them on My Space.


Good work Caridee! Okay, time to find another reality show to watch...

Love, D

* Non-traditional Disclaimer: Yes, I am one half of the organizational team for this event. I wasn't paid to do it and no, I'm not making any money off of your possible attendance. I just want your ears. And possibly your legs for dancing. I've been working on my worm. Still in the middling stage but it's getting better. HOLLA.

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