The easy nights and simple joys, all right

Dear friends,

Going through what is known as a "transitional period" at work so I've been busier than beavers and will probably be scarce for a bit. Thanks to a tip from another proud obsessive, I just got tickets to see Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks at Maxwell's. Yes, it's a trek but SM-fandom-justifyin' aside, I'm also way, WAY curious about Malk's new drummer, some lady named Janet. As some of you know, she's just a little bit talented.

A slice of joust rock for your Wednesday viewing pleasure...

It Kills (Live @ Bonnaroo)/Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks

And this is just plain crackers but I love it...

Mama/Malediction (Acappella in an elevator)/Stephen Malkmus

Oh apparently these folks also sold some tickets today.

Love, D

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