Somewhere on a higher mental plane

Dear friends,

1. For some reason, I couldn't get this song* out of my head yesterday. I wonder if my subconcious was trying to tell me something. Hmmm...

- Moment to contemplate inner tumbleweeds and wind noise landscape -

The video is great. Love that disco in a box.

If I Only Had a Brain/MC 900 FT. Jesus

2. The actual Merry Swankster himself said to go see this band last night. I showed up at 8 only to leave when the Lillith Fair part of the evening made me hungry for tacos**. My most favorite fetching, curly-haired spy stayed however and reported that Colourmusic were ALL THAT and a bag of chips. Plus dip. Befriend them on My Space and download their Circles MP3.

3. Tomorrow I will unveil something that I first kinda mentioned at the bottom of this post. Watch out! You might get what you're after! Cool baby! Etc...

Love, D

* NOT the Wizard of Oz number.

** That reads so pervy doesn't it? Not intentional. When faced with pretty voiced Celtic pop stylings my instinct is to run away and eat something hearty.

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