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dear friends,

remember how I said there'd be a review? I lied. too busy continuing my adventures as a coughing, sneezing mess. monday maybe?

no matter, the monkey & I are taking off for the wilds of woodstock for the week-end. we plan to look at leaves, take photos of said leaves & avoid the snooze seeking bears.

songs for a rainy drive playlist? we shall see...j usually prefers more uptempo stuff. perhaps I'll be blasting ring the alarm the entire way up! on repeat! WHOO!

(alphabetical or cantcha tell?)

come as you are/caetano veloso (yousendit download)

veloso can make anything sound like luxury. even ambivalence & self-loathing. what I love about this nirvana cover is as smooth as it sounds, the guitar still stabs during the choruses. sharp little jabs, like someone fucking with a drunk.

in my time of dying/bob dylan (yousendit download)

a good car singalong.

carnival (acoustic)/the cardigans (yousendit download)

I loved this video the first time I saw it. I thought nina persson was the cutest doll woman I'd ever seen & I wanted ten of her in miniature, to line my shelves with. lest you think I'm a serial killer, I actually settled for the cardigans' album life instead.

miss persson does not sing lead on this version, one of her boone from lost*-looking bandmates does.

birdmad girl/the cure (yousendit download)

my cousin pamela was an all black wearing, mohawk sportin' punk rawker with a dash of goth thrown in. naturally, she gave all of that up to become a celine dion fan. yes, that didn't make any sense to me either, but at least I inherited all her vinyl, including the one that this selection comes from, the top.

another entry in the lyrics of huh? school. apparently this one has got something to do with yeats. oh that wacky bob.

silver strings/helium (yousendit download)

miss mary timony is playing the hiro ballroom on friday, november 3 for cmj & I am insanely excited.

this lady is still one of my favorite guitar players, whether she's doing dissonant string pulls or locking down on math grooves that easily outclass those of her peers. check out the interesting foray into cock rock at the fade of this fantasy number. it made me go "wha...?" in a good way.

this is where I belong/the kinks (yousendit download)

in an excellent segue (cough,) if you're in town this weekend, be sure to catch mistakes TONIGHT for a very special halloween show. the mistakes crew (krew?) are going to be the kinks for the night & run through a selection of their fine O.G. britpop classics. will they wear leather suits & carry whips? I have no idea. but I hear they're tackling autumn almanac & I'm very sad to miss THAT. for details, go to their my space page.

love, d

ps can someone please write about beauty pill? everytime it pops up on random, I'm a happy camper.

* I LOVED the last episode. it was like buttah on a biscuit. I also love that buggety-eyes ben, such a great character!

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