surely I'm a pioneer?

dear friends,

I've been sick as a dog the past couple of days. the monkey is my knight in shining armor (cue emotional rescue by the rolling stones,) keeping me in flat ginger ale, theraflu & putting his hand on my clammy forehead. he's tops & I can't thank him enough.

anywho, I figure I'd make life extremely easy for myself & direct you to some old posts from soft communications past but this time with limited time only downloads via my new bff, you send it, so you can actually hear what I was babbling about. nifty, eh?

1. from february 15, 2005...

is history recorded?


know how/kings of convenience (yousendit download)

2. from june 24, 2005...

I've got no new act to amuse you


stay where you are/the delays (yousendit download)

coast to coast/elliott smith (yousendit download)

cosmopolitan/nine black alps (yousendit download)

more to come after these links expire...

love, d

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