& with my half of the ransom

dear friends,

I love covers. my covers addiction is what got me into reading music blogs in the first place & also into instigating DIY cover compilations starring friends & people I'd just met who became friends.

anywho, the monkey secretly organized a covers compilation for me for my birthday last week starring various buddies o' mine. in it, there's a whole lotta silly, a whole lotta serious & a whole lotta love. thank you guys! I heart you all!

four selections:

1. conduit for sale.../hula cougar! (mp3)

two french canadian freaks who like to chastely hump legs & eat bunnies, on a mission to find their missing cougar. that thing's been gone for a while, I'm thinking kitty adoption might be a better option. befriend them on my space.

original artist: pavement

2. you made me realise/spy alarms (mp3)

spy alarms features my friends cris & dan (formerly of june fool,) new member e. lee, & guest vocalist marta (formerly of emma la reina.) love this song & I love hearing those vocals all clear & crisp instead of all patented obscured by echo & reverb mbv stylee. suddenly the violent bash of the original is unmasked for the sad little slice of regret that the lyrics imply.

original artist: my bloody valentine

3. gay bar/dirty sasha (mp3)

my friend alex aka dity sasha is not a musician, he's an emt. when he's not busy saving people's hides, he enjoys riding his bike around, eating san loco tacos, being a goofball & singin' robert wyatt.

original artist: electric six

5. sunflower/botany bay (mp3)

eric s. aka botany bay can usually be found violating guitars, singing sweet, sweet harmonies & occasionally drumming for local nyc indie rocksters, the secret life of sofia.

original artist: low

for more birthday covers cd mp3 excellence*, both goofy & accomplished, go HERE. if any of you want to add to the covers fun, please do! the more the merrier!

love, d

* featuring covers of songs by: the temptations, the kinks, the smiths, gnarls barkley (crazy cover alert!) folk implosion, x, rocket from the tombs, neneh cherry, & richard thompson

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Anonymous mary said...

ever since I heard that cover I've been thinking that sick people would feel a lot better a lot faster if alex crooned to them in spanish in the back of the ambulance. he makes "I got something to put in you" sound so... sweet and sensitive, somehow.

6:25 PM, October 03, 2006  

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