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dear friends,

because I am lazy & because tonight's host said it so well, this post is ripped straight from the beg yr pardon site.

"Hi, hey. What's up? Oh, sorry let me introduce myself...I'm Matt from EAR FARM. Know what you're going to do on Tuesday, October 10th from 7:30pm-12:00am? I'm going to tell you. You're going to come to BEG YR PARDON #10 @ The Delancey (168 delancey st. btw clinton & attorney). It's a special co-operative effort between Beg Yr Pardon and EAR FARM. We've joined forces to celebrate EAR FARM's 1st anniversary by putting together a great lineup and a guaranteed fun time.

For a $5 entry fee you will get to enjoy music from FOUR great bands, FREE baked goods, $5 all you can eat bbq (with vegetarian options) on the roof from 7-9, 3 kick-ass DJs from the band Mancino, and FREE BEER from 11:00 to 12:00. Doors open and DJs start spinning @ 7:30.

Even though you already have more than enough reason to come to this show, I'm going to give you some more info just to get you really excited.

The bands:

8:00 - Low Lustre

Music For Robots says: "They sound like early, "I Will Follow"-era U2, that grandstanding semi-punk band that came out of nowhere. They've got the melodrama, but they've also got the melody and passion to pull it off fantastically."

9:00 - The Midnight Hours

EAR FARM says: "If you're a fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival and/or ragtime fun then "Miss Marie" is one of those songs that'll grab you immediately. It's a two minute long romp through Southern tinged rock with dual male/female vocals that sounds like something you might hear from a band comprised of Jimbo Mathus, John Fogerty, and Nancy Sinatra."

10:00 - The Muggabears

The Deli Magazine says: "Crunchy, fun, mathed-out mixes, heavy on guitar and meandering vocals…the live show would most certainly be a treat."

11:00 - Mistakes

Subinev says: "...they still amaze me, not just because they’re talented, but, well, there’s something that they’ve got going on that I just don’t see in many other bands in NYC. I guess it could easily be said that it's just that I don’t go to punk shows anymore, so a little bit of excitement, fun, dancing, and audience participation can just make me fall for a band quite easily, but it's something more than that. Every one of their songs is really just so perfect, even when their bordering-on-ska side comes through. But at the heart it's all great rock n’ roll. Like '50's style. That, and they put on one hell of a show."

Now, check out the amazingly awesome poster below designed by Destroy Space:

BYP 10 Earfarm Anniversary

So there you have it...your plans for Tuesday October 10th. See you there, and hey - be sure to get one of those EAR FARM magnets from me that everyone's talking about.

- Matt from EAR FARM"


here's a little extra:

dancing blind/low lustre (yousendit)

miss marie/the midnight hours (yousendit)

kissing/the muggabears (yousendit)

rendezvouslezvous/mistakes (streaming)

love, d

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